Use as a Free Demo, Updater or fully functioning software with the purchase of a serial number from the Qdea store.
Review Demo limitations and info on updating your software below.

Please note: Qdea publishes and supports only the current versions of its software. If you want to keep using an older version, you may, but keep a backup. Qdea does not provide old versions.


Synchronize! runs on System 7.1 through Mac OS 9.x. It's for syncing and backing up your personal data.


Version 3.9.5 - English
Self Extracting Archive


User Guide - English
PDF file



Synchronize! Pro

Synchronize! Pro runs on System 7.1 through Mac OS 9.x. It's optimized for web and file server backup and synchronization.


Version 4.3.1 - English
Self Extracting Archive




Demo Limitations
To introduce you to Qdea software, our products are distributed as limited demos that you may use for free. Download the compressed archive and try it out. Unlimited use of all features requires the purchase of a serial number which converts the demo into a fully functional version. Purchases can be made at the Qdea Store.

Software Updater
All Qdea "demos" are also updaters. If you have a previous version of any Qdea software, download the new version and use it to replace the previous version. Your serial number is valid for any new software version published within two years of your purchase of a serial number or a renewal.



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