What magazines and users are saying about Synchronize! Pro X


Tom Allen

"Last week, I noticed a significant speed issue with my Mac and got a warning from Drive Genius 3 regarding possible drive corruption and imminent failure. I tried booting from the Drive Genius DVD with no success. Then I tried booting from my TechTools Pro 5 DVD with the same ill results.

When I couldn't boot from my Snow Leopard disk (the system always stalled on the white screen with the gray apple) I called AppleCare. An hour later after resetting the power manager and PRAM controls, we ran Disk Utility to repair the permissions, but it failed due to hard drive corruption. Apple's solution - take it to an Apple Store.

For me, that is not at all convenient because the closest one is an hour drive each way. Then it dawned on me - I created a bootable backup with Synchronize! Pro X and thought, "That has to work." Sure enough, I changed the startup disk to the SPX backup and it worked! From there I was able to successfully repair and restore my drive.

Thank you. Now I have yet one more reason to tell people why Synchronize! Pro X is better than Time Machine."


Dr. Glenn Boley

"No other utility I've tried (and I've tried 'em all!) makes a guaranteed-bootable backup like yours. That's why I bought it. I own licenses for several other utilities that claim to make a bootable backup, and yours is the only one that actually does."


Ron Janek

"I should mention how much I like your software and how, after testing just about everything out there, Synchronize! Pro X stood out as the clear choice if quality is the goal."


MacFixIt Toolbox Award

MacFixIt Toolbox Award "Creating bootable backups of Mac OS X can be accomplished with a number of utilities, but none do it as succinctly, or simply as Synchronize! Pro X."

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Tom Kirshbaum

"I've been using Synchronize! for years, and it has never let me down. But with any complex software, especially in the OS X era, questions may arise. It's a pleasure to get quick, intelligent support when I need it. Qdea's technical support is first rate. Questions are answered promptly and -- more important -- accurately. I never have to worry that the Qdea tech folks will misread or misinterpret my question, or that they'll throw off-the-mark boilerplate at me."


OGrady's PowerPage

"Synchronize! Pro X by Qdea is the hands down winner among these four backup and synchronize utilities. It was as if they read my original review and implemented all of the features I requested."

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MacNet 2

"Finally OS X now has a dependable and feature-rich backup utility! After exhaustive testing we can't find a thing about it that's negative."

"Synchronize! Pro X can create bootable backup disks. That means you can create a bootable backup of your Mac OS X system on any other hard disk. FireWire disks can now be used for a bootable system, not just for backing up files."

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"I have come to understand the handiness of having a complete backup solution that's made exclusively for Mac OS X. Qdea clearly designed Synchronize! Pro X with the user in mind from the ground-up."

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